donderdag 24 september 2009


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Percentage of Americans with a job lowest since 1984

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Political incapacity slows Belgium down

Three international reports indicate that Belgium’s federal and regional governments are the weakest links for the development of its economy. Even though Belgium is relatively thriving, governments do little to nothing to keep it that way. Moreover, the quality of government will be crucial in the future, as policy-making is increasingly transferred to international levels. Apart from innovation-related activities in the field of education, Belgian investments in research and development could more or less be disregarded. Also, to attract foreign investment, Belgium’s governments must work in an efficient and stable manner.
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Priorities for a Prosperous Belgium

Take a look at their brand new publication and check out AmCham Belgium’s recommendations to Belgium’s policy makers on how to strengthen Belgium’s positioning to take advantage of the eventual upturn in the global economy!

Read the full report here.

Agoria veut que notre pays soit champion des coûts de R&D en Europe

Agoria, la fédération de l’industrie technologique, a réalisé une étude approfondie sur le coût de la R&D dans notre pays et chez nos voisins de France, des Pays-Bas et d’Allemagne. Ceux-ci sont nos principaux concurrents lorsqu’il s’agit d’attirer des investissements.
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