vrijdag 4 juni 2010

Migratie en de ondergrondse economie

Lees de volledige paper van Pacolet en De Wispelaere hier.

Immigration beats aid in reducing world poverty

Read the complete article in The Times (UK) here.

Trade and the economic recovery: why open markets matter

There is growing evidence that with the worst of the economic crisis behind us, recovery is finally getting underway in many countries. Trade is already playing a catalytic role in the recovery, and is an essential component of any realistic policy framework for continued, sustainable development. Read the complete OECD policy brief here.

Don’t Let Deficit Concerns Derail Jobs Bill

Misplaced budgetary concerns are impeding major legislation that would create and preserve jobs, continue unemployment and health benefits for those who are out of work, and fix Medicare’s flawed payment formula for physicians for several years. Read the complete article of the CBPP here.

Bad Economy Prompts Wall Street to Embrace Environmentalism

Read the complete article in The Washington Post here.

Do Rising Top Incomes Lift All Boats?

Read the complete IZA publication here.