woensdag 16 december 2009

Public and private pensions: lessons from the crisis

This Policy Brief considers the lessons to be drawn from the crisis for both public and private pensions in Europe. The author, Agnes Streissler, points out that both pay-as-you-go and funded systems are dependent on economic growth and are under pressure because of demographic changes. At the same time, private systems are considerably more risky in terms of the entitlements of successive cohorts leaving the labour market.
Read this article from ETUI here.

Lutte contre la pauvreté, rapport 2008-2009

Lisez le rapport du Service de Lutte contre la Pauvreté, la Précarité et l'Exclusion sociale en FR ou en NL .

Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index

The Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index is a new initiative to compare pension systems around the world. Retirement income systems perform a critical role for both individuals and societies as countries grapple with the social and economic effects of ageing populations. There is no perfect system that can be applied universally around the world. Indeed, even comparing the diversity of retirement income systems is certain to be controversial as every system is different and has arisen from each country’s particular economic, social, cultural, political and historical circumstances. However there are certain features and characteristics of retirement income systems that are likely to lead to improved benefits, an increased likelihood of future sustainability of the system, and a greater level of confidence and trust within the community.
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European competitiveness report 2009

The 2009 edition of the European Competitiveness Report looks at the possible implications of the economic downturn; in particular for productivity and for some of the determinants of future EU competitiveness: the evolution of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China); the role of high-skilled migration; the extent and conditions under which training can boost productivity; and the role of product and labour market regulations in influencing ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) investment.
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‘Tobin-taks? Een verschrikkelijk idee!’

Kapitaalmarktenlobby ICMA: ‘Taks op financiële transacties nefast voor marktwerking’ ‘Europa staat verder dan VS in macro-prudentieel toezicht’. Lees het volledige artikel in De Tijd hier.

Beleid tegen werkloosheid mist globale visie

De ruzie tussen de Vlaamse en de federale regering over het banenplan van minister van Werk Joëlle Milquet (cdH) is bijgelegd. Politiek heeft iedereen zijn slag thuisgehaald. De grote vraag is of er ook sociaal-economisch echte vooruitgang is geboekt. Lees het volledige opiniestuk van Freddy Heylen hier.

‘Wat we verloren hebben in de crisis dreigen we nooit meer in te halen’

Caroline Ven, kabinetschef premier Yves Leterme, en adjunct-directeur CD&V Niko Gobbin luiden de alarmbel in hun boek ‘De welvaartsval’. Lees het volledige interview in De Tijd hier.

Innovating indicators: choosing the right targets for EU2020

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