maandag 11 oktober 2010

The welfare state, RIP

Read Guy Sorman's article on Project Syndicate here.

Fighting unemployment according to The Economist

Pass and move

Spain offers a test case for labour-market reform in Europe. Read the complete article in The Economist here.

From hoarding to hiring

Some countries have successfully preserved jobs. Now they must create new one. Read the complete article in The Economist here.

Effective tax rates

Read the complete artile in The Economist here.

Monitoring tax revenues and tax reforms in EU Member States 2010 - Tax policy after the crisis

The report analyses recent trends in tax revenues and tax reforms in EU Member States. A particular focus of this year's edition is onthe consequences of the global economic and financial crisis on revenue systems and the need to provide adequate policy responses. Given the size of the budgetary consolidation required after the crisis, a contribution from the revenue side will be necessary in many countries. The report analyses how revenue increases and tax systems in general could be designed in a growth-friendly way and to what extent some of the reforms would entail a need for coordination at the EU level. Moreover, it discusses tax policy issues related to the crisis and contributes to the ongoing discussion on financial sector taxation.
Read this EC report here.

From stimulus to consolidation: revenue and expenditure policies in advanced and emerging economies

Read this IMF report here.

Een munt als dwangbuis

De problemen in de zogenaamde PIGS-landen (Portugal, Italië, Griekenland en Spanje) zijn weer helemaal terug. De zuiderse landen zitten in een vicieuze cirkel die niet kan worden doorbroken met het opkopen van hun schuldpapier alleen. Het onvermijdelijke zal ook moeten worden bekeken: een verandering van het eurosysteem. Lees de volledige column van Geert Noels in Trends hier.


Om te vermijden dat een grootscheepse inhaalbeweging voor scholenbouw een slag in het water wordt, zal minister Smet zich moeten haasten. Lees het volledige artikel van Patrick Martens in Knack hier.

Health : Improving healthcare is vital for long-term growth

With austerity the order of the day in most OECD countries, the public is understandably anxious that budget cuts do as little harm as possible to the services they depend on. Few sectors capture the dilemmas this poses for policymakers quite like healthcare.
Read this OECD article here.

PIB par habitant : la Belgique s'essouffle

Le PIB par habitant des régions de l'Union européenne tend à converger. Mais les provinces belges suivent à distance.
Lisez l'article dans Trends tendances ici.

La Belgique rate sa lutte contre la fraude

Un nouveau rapport, commandé par le secrétaire d’Etat Carl Devlies (CD&V), critique fortement la manière dont la Belgique lutte contre la fraude.
Lisez l'article dans Le Soir ici.

Pour un vrai "deal" Chine-Europe

Comment éviter que la Chine et les Etats-Unis ne dirigent le monde via un G2 excluant l’Europe ? Trois volets décisifs pour que l’Europe pèse sur l’avenir du monde.
Lisez l'article dans LLB ici.