vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

Banking: the EU stress test and sovereign debt exposures

This working paper summarises the recently completed EU stress test for banks and, using new data on bank exposures to sovereign debt, appraises the way the tests have treated the sovereign debt crisis. It comments on market concerns about banking sector exposure to sovereign debt during and beyond the period of the stress test.
Read this IMF working paper here.

The great false choice, stimulus or austerity

The debate on the need for further fiscal stimulus or quicker retrenchment has become too ideological, and too extreme. Underneath it, however, there is more agreement on the basics than may be apparent at first blush. Indeed, despite the warring comments that have appeared in these pages, there is actually no necessary conflict between restoring fiscal sustainability and maintaining support for the recovery.
Read this article in the FT here.

Une seule « unif » belge dans le classement de Shanghai

Le classement de Shanghai des universités, aussi attendu que décrié, a reconduit cette année la suprématie des établissements américains. Seule précense belge dans le top 100 : l’université de Gand, 90e.
Lisez l'article dans Le Soir ici.