donderdag 29 juli 2010

The Dragon's Embrace: China's Soft Power Is a Threat to the West

China may have no intentions of using its growing military might, but that is of little comfort for Western countries. From the World Trade Organization to the United Nations, Beijing is happy to use its soft power to get what it wants -- and it is wrong-footing the West at every turn. Read the complete article on Der Spiegel International here.

Open-Source Pharmaceuticals?

"Few companies have demonstrated that they are prepared to commit the time, effort, and resources to embrace a radically different way of operating. Yet the tangible and intangible benefits of adopting new forms of collaboration – reducing the cost of failure, leveraging unused IP and external funding mechanisms, increasing access to networks of talent, and establishing greater trust among patients and other stakeholders – could be extensive. Moreover, these benefits would be realized not only by pharmaceutical companies, but also by academics and other collaborators." Read the opinion piece of Jackie Hunter, CEO of Pharmivation and former Head of Science Environment Development at GlaxoSmithkline, on Project Syndicate here.

The world-wide famine for jobs…

There was zero net job creation in the first decade of the new millenium. Read Geert Noels' blogpost on Econoshock here.

Les obstacles à la démocratisation arabe

Les compromis entre Occident et régimes arabes autoritaires bloquent toutes formes de démocratisation. Face à cette alliance contre-nature, l’islam radical apparaît comme une force “salvatrice”. Lisez l'article d'opinion de Khaled Hroub, directeur à l'université de Cambridge du projet "Arab1", dans LLB ici.

Une Belgique éclatée ne pourrait rembourser sa dette publique

En cas d’éclatement, la Belgique pourrait ne plus pouvoir rembourser sa dette d’ici fin 2012, selon le bureau de gestion britannique Bedlam Asset Management dont l’analyse circule dans les milieux financiers sous le nom « farewell Flanonia ? ».
Lisez l'article dans Le Soir ici.
Consultez la publication de Bedlam Asset Management ici.

Embellie de 40 millions

La Région bruxelloise profite d’un sursaut du marché immobilier. Les recettes en droits d’enregistrement au niveau de 2005.
Lisez l'article dans LLB ici.